Service Expectations

The competitive nature of today’s business environment also plays a role in the increased importance of human resources. Customer service levels have emerged as a relevant and deciding factor in a consumer’s decision to do business with a company. For most organizations, new and returning business is extremely important to their ability to succeed as a company and remain relevant in today’s competitive market. This means that staff at all levels of the organization must be careful in their dealings with the customer.

While customer service is an important part of the business cycle, it doesn’t always come naturally or without effort and training. Recent studies have found that customer service is a reflection of an employee’s satisfaction at work. Research has demonstrated a cause-and-effect relationship between the two theories meaning organizations need to pay careful attention to the treatment, engagement, and happiness of their staff. This trend has forced many organizations to take a hard look at whether or not they are meeting the needs of their employees. Many companies are discovering that this is a full-time job and are opting to strengthen and increase their HR efforts to accommodate this need.