Training and Development

Anyone who is creative, has extensive knowledge of adult learning theory, and enjoys being in front of a crowd and capturing the attention of an audience would be a great fit as a training and development specialist. Human Resources professionals in this role will be responsible for crafting a learning strategy for the employee population. They may also be asked to design curriculum as well as manage a learning management system(LMS). Most learning management systems will offer reporting metrics that allow the training manger to effectively track progress. Employees in a training and development role will often be responsible for presenting this data to leadership and will be asked to offer a course of action. Overall, the goal of someone in this role is to ensure the company’s staff has the skills and knowledge to perform at a high level. They might also be tasked with making sure any professionals in the organization are up to date on their continuing education requirements and licenses. For example, a human resources professional working for a hospital or law office might be required to ensure all clinicians and attorneys have completed their state-mandated requirements.