Recruiting and Executive Search

The recruiting team will be responsible for developing competency models and hiring candidates that meet the qualifications of these established models. They are often paid hourly and deal with the recruiting cycle from start to finish. This includes reviewing candidate profiles, conducting initial phone screenings, coordinating the in-person interview arrangements, conducting the interview, and completing follow-up with an offer letter. Members of the recruiting team may also be responsible for the negotiation process and may have some oversight of the candidate on-boarding experience. In addition, they’ll work to maintain records relating to job boards, number of placements, and employee follow-up interviews.

Many experienced recruiters can go on to serve in executive level placement exclusively. This means they handle the recruitment and placement process for any company leadership positions. This role is extremely lucrative and competitive. This position generally requires years of experience as many companies view this position as crucial to the success of the company. People in this role will need to have extensive knowledge of the industry, company culture and organizational goals and will want to have a knack for sniffing out good leaders.